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Still Life Critique, or on why there are words around my drawing.

Posted in Almost irrelevant topics., Notes., Still life. on February 22, 2011 by fullcircleproductions

You can choose to pay attention to either title: the one that seems more exciting or more informational, less hassle or less involved. I’m just gonna let you know now that Nell distracted me from my original purpose of explaining my evaluations of peer-pieces, and pushed  me instead to explain the relationship of the words and the shapes in my still life. I try to do something selfless, and look what she does to it. Tisk, tisk.
Okay. Bethany and I ended up with our work grouped together because we both formed a bond between our senses, and that is pretty cool. Her lyrics are much, much more uplifting than mine. I mean, like, whoa. She speaks of Heaven, and I speak of Hell. Another reason I feel like Nell put these pieces together.
Cee Cee’s piece, on the other hand, was not much like mine at all. I had the pleasure of working next to her for the duration of this project and the opportunity, therefore, to admire her pseudo-obsessive attention to detail. The reflections on the hoses in her drawing are fabulous.

Now, onto the real reason I am writing. To explain my musical choices.
Reason #1- Fiona Apple’s “Sleep to Dream”

Reason #2- Cee-Lo Green’s “Fuck You”

You know what makes this pairing awesome? I mean besides the incredible beats, clever words, and catchy hooks… This basically spans my entire existence. Fiona’s song came out in 1996; I was four. Cee-Lo’s song came out in 2010, and I was eighteen. And I put them on the same playlist for me to get angry to, to focus my attention with, in 2011. The range astounded me, and it very much influenced my work. Age. Hm.