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Creature critiques.

Posted in Constructions., Creatures. on April 13, 2011 by fullcircleproductions

This was the day of the creature critiques, in case you didn’t pick that bit of info up from the title; I know I can get a bit cryptic sometimes. ;]
Every time I come into this class more impressed by the works. These animals were so clever and creative! There is, of course, a fine line to walk between creativity and bull-hockey (ole!), and I wonder who in my class has blurred this line (besides me! ’cause that’s just inevitable), and why they were willing to fudge where they did. Buttt… That’s just my imaginationnnn, runnin’ away with meeee. (insert Temptations dancing here)

So, you want pictures and a description? Okay. I’ll give you pictures and a description. Can you handle it?

Choweron Wishmissus (Those are Latin endings, folks!)

This is a magical clam with an antenna. It is not much to look at, as far as animals go, but that is part of the clam’s charm. In fact, the ugly exterior drive away those that are “shallow” (these clams live in deep water), and only those who can “see” beyond the outside of a creature can utilize its power.
Once captured, the person is granted one wish, received by touching the antenna, and the gift will appear to the wisher from the wish pad on the clam’s tongue.
Very enthralling.

See, now. Your mind is blown. What am I going to do with a blown mind? Sigh.

Well, let me tell you, if I had had more time, I would have outfitted this clam with a light up wish pad, interactive in the same fashion as mood rings, written a children’s sea adventure about him… I would have decked him out for sure.
If you would like to read about a set up of light similar to the interactivity I was describing, see: (the document is ironically devoid of color).

This project opened up a whole other can of worms/creativity/pretty lies, and it is overwhelming the places we can go from here. Woo!

Oh, and PS. When Nell asks you what part of your creature you think is the most representative of you, do not say, “I have a big, pink tongue and can give you whatever you wish for.” She may not hear it, but the awkwardness never goes away.