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We are done with the chair. I think.

Posted in Chairs., Self-reflection. on February 4, 2011 by fullcircleproductions

I believe this one portrait (via sums up my entire project. In class Wednesday, we participated in our first critique of our artwork as a whole, and I discovered why I concentrated more on making a mess than I did on making it right. Simply put, I learned more by making a mess than I ever could have trying to make it perfect the first time.
Here it is, two days later, and I am still finding things to apply that mantra to. My perspective is changing because of one statement that fell out of my mouth by accident… I have already changed the way I react to everyone around me. I’m not so worried about things being “right” anymore,  so long as I am learning from my “wrongs.”

Of course, there is something to be said about thinking a Friday is a Saturday at Agnes Scott- everyone else’s hustle and bustle to do things right and be on time sort of passes right through you. It’s a nice feeling, and I’d like to hold on to it.


Chair day 1

Posted in Chairs., Self-reflection. on January 26, 2011 by fullcircleproductions

Oh! I got so caught up in my note-keeping that I forgot to mention that this was the first day of chair drawing. If you can’t tell, the lines you are seeing now are part of my fifth attempt (approximately) to get it to look like a chair. A real chair.
The string was a foreign material to me, and I was not sure how to utilize it my advantage. Fortunately, I was not afraid to make a mark and sketch out what I thought the chair was before I measured and figured out what the chair actually was. I am also confident things will work out for the best… But coughing every few minutes is disheartening. Dust allergies are dumb. (UPDATE 02.02.2011: Someone left me a dust mask on my easel! Thank youuuu.)

P.S. I still think chairs are for sitting.