Event Leadership for the New World: Part two (Event Administration), chapter three


Goals for the chapter:
Conduct comprehensive research for your event
Identify key sources of information for planning
Design a program creatively
Develop an appropriate theme
Establish and manage an effective strategic plan
Develop and manage the timeline for an event

The most important thing I learned from this chapter: calculating event space goes like this. You need 10ft2 per couple in planned attendance. You can then subtract that number from your total event space to figure out how much prop space you have for the event.

ALSO: Take parking and traffic into consideration! Even though they are not actual parts of the event, they can definitely set the mood so right or soooo wrong. Considerations should also be made for those with food allergies and physical impairments.

There are also entire sections dedicated to balloons, floral arrangements, and tents… But those sections are not worth mentions.


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