Self-Portrait: For starters.

First: I am allergic to charcoal dust.
Second: Our self-portraits will be done in charcoal, specifically by grinding charcoal pieces into one piece of paper (or palate) and swiping them onto our working piece with toilet paper. (As Nell says, because it’s supplied by the school, and it’s scratchy!)
Third: we will have to erase the highlights from our faces onto this paper covered in charcoal dust, while using only a kneaded eraser as your tools?

So this is our teacher-student conversation went: it. Wear a mask.
Rose: … You want me to draw a portrait of myself in the mirror while I have a mask on my face? How is that gonna work, Nell? Should I try to recall, like from memory or something?
Nell: Oh. No, I guess you’re right… Wait! Just draw it as part of your face! It would be interesting and cool, and it sounds like it would be right up your alley.
Rose: Oh. Okay. Sure. Whatever you say.

This goes back to the fact that Nell could fail me. I could have argued with her, and she would have seen it as a refusal to do an assignment, and I’m almost positive that means I would automatically fail the class. I vote no.
So Bethany covered my paper in charcoal dust while I waited patiently for a mask- I couldn’t even walk all the way into the art room without it. Finally, we start- and almost as soon as we start, I am frustrated. My frustration and satisfaction come in waves for most of the afternoon, based upon how much work I did versus how much work I had to cover back up to start over. All in all, I left on a sing-sing note. In fact, I hate that I have to wait so long to start working on it again.


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